Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

First Baptist Church seeks to experience God through our Worship, our Witness, our Work and to Equip believers to be dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.

About Us

First Baptist Church has a rich history of pouring into members of the Henry County community for over 100 years.  Since its start in 1905, FBC has grown into a ministry centered, Bible teaching, evangelical hub of Bassett.  With God's leadership and His growing of the church, FBC has expanded its facility on numerous occasions to allow for the expansion of both ministries and room for those who desire to be a part of the Sunday & Wednesday worship experiences.

The primary purpose of First Baptist Church is to deliver the same message that Jesus brought 2000 years ago but in a new and fresh way to a different culture and society that exists today.  In our current informational and technological society, it is important to us that you see your need for an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus.  We want to show you, on a individual level, why it is so important that you have this kind of relationship with Christ.  Therefore, our mission is to live out what we teach and believe.  We seek to provide an authentic worship experience by the lives we live, the services we lead and the relationships we build.