At First Baptist Church, we strive to help kids understand that they do matter to God. One of our primary methods of doing this is through the Awana Clubs ministry. With the materials provided by Awana Clubs and the work by dedicated volunteers, we work together to develop spiritually strong children who follow Christ daily. In fact, a recent national survey, as reported by the Awana Headquarters, shows that over 90% of adults who were involved in Awana as a child, still attend church as an adult.

Currently, our Awana Club meets on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:00pm.  Each evening, all children start by meeting in the Christian Life Center and checking in that they are here.  If your child is new and you need to get them registered, please just come in to the CLC with them and fill out several quick forms so that we have the necessary contact information for you and your child.  

Finally, the schedule throughout the year will follow the Henry County Public School Academic Calendar in relation to breaks for holidays and summer vacation. We hope to see you and your child on Sunday to get them registered for this year's Awana Club!